139 Series Sliding Window

  • Plcae of Origin: Guangdong, China(Mainland)
  • Brand Name: YiFa
  • Model Number: YF-84 thermal-break sliding window series
  • Open Style: Sliding
  • Opening Pattern: Horizontal
  • Surface Finishing: Finished
  • Type: Sliding window
  • Door Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Aluminum door Color: White oak、yellow pear、silver-gray、red sandal、champagne、camphor、pearl white、classic oak
  • Profile Thichness: 2.0mm thickness
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Basic Information

Product details

Plcae of Origin: Guangdong, China(Mainland) Brand Name: YiFa Model Number: YF-84 thermal-break sliding window series
Open Style: Sliding  Opening Pattern: Horizontal Surface Finishing: Finished
Type: Sliding window Door Material: Aluminum Alloy Aluminum door Color:  white oak、yellow pear、silver-gray、red sandal、champagne、camphor、pearl white、classic oak
Profile Thichness: 2.0mm thickness Aluminum door Glass: Low-E Glass, Tempered Glass(double tempered glass: 4mm+9A+4mm), Float Glass  Blinds: Auto/Manual 
Advantages: professional design team, factory manufacture, luxury appearance, high quality, long time collaborator, sincere service, etc Sealing: Black EPDM sealing rubber or glass glue Work Life: Over 50 years
Application: family decoration,  Bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, etc.  Price: FOB:  Accessories: hinges, locksets, handles, etc


The name of the product

  • 2008 Series Sliding Window 04
  • Aluminum sliding window

    Sliding window is made up of two or more sashes that slide horizontally or vertically on tracks. The sliding window can be made wider and taller with the addition of sashes. Sliding window is an ideal solution for narrow spaces, developed for balcony, and many indoor applications.
    1. Aluminum windows install easier
    2. Heat insulation glass option
    3. Good water & airtightness performance and wind resistance

  • 2008 Series Sliding Window 05
  • Ten Advantages of thermal-break aluminum profile

    1. Good heat insulation. Two layer aluminum profiles connected by a thermal-break strip, form three layer sealing structure, so it has perfect airtightness, water-proof and heat insulation.
    2. Avoiding the glass dewing and frosting. The three layer sealing structrure can reasonable separation of water vapor cavity, significantly increase the water tightness and air tightness of doors and windows, to achieve the effect of glass clean and bright
    3. The mosquito screen window design. The mosquito screen can be installed inside or outside, avoiding mosquitoes and flies, etc.
    4. Anti-theft and prevent loosening device. Adding special multipoint hardware locks ensure  the steady and safety  in using.
    5. Sound insulation. The elaborate design of the structure makes the seam tightly.
    6. Prevent sand and wind resistance performance. Interior frame material used hollow design, so has strong ability to resist wind pressure deformation  and Shock resistant effect.
    7. High strength, non-deformation and maintenance free.
    8. Various kind of colors, unique decorative. Different colors inside and outside can satisfy the clients.
    9. Various opening style, durable and comfortable. We have casement door & window, tilt-turn inward door & window, top hung window, sliding door & window, you can choose available style according to your drawing.
    10. Green building materials, circular economy. During using our products, they will not  create poisonous gas, all the materials can be recycled.

  • 2008 Series Sliding Window 06
  • Product feature

    1. The paint film features stable quality, superior performance,good adhesive force, freedom from peeling, resistance to acid, salt mist, mottar, weather, and aging;
    2. The paint film is not volatile or oxidized in air, free from pollution and toxicity, easy to clean, and refreshing after water washing;
    3. Optional patterns for appearance to fully reveal matching styles of resistance and landcapes
    4. Superior energy saving effect, K value of 2.0-3.0W/M2K,and saving energy of 30-40%
    5. good sound insulating performance, able to reduce noise by 30-50dB
    6. Condensing and frosting resistance to keep windows bright and clean;
    7. high strength ,good wind resisting performance, good air tightness and water tightness ,stable structure, and superior mechanical properties;
    8. adopt dual-beam workmanship ,with reasonable structure ,solid bounding good rigidness,and greater thermal resistance . When compared with heat insulating aluminum section materials of individual compound lining, the insulating effect is better.
    9. elegant appearance and durable,
    10. smooth and fine in hand feeling ,smart and bright appearance, and brilliant.View more,click here

  • 2008 Series Sliding Window 08
  • Aluminum Profile

    Series: YF- 84 thermal-break sliding window series
    surface: Powder coated/ Electrophoresis/ Anodized/ Fluorocarbon/ heat transfer
    color: White oak、yellow pear、silver-gray、red sandal、champagne、camphor、pearl white、classic oak
    Thickness of aluminum profile: 2.0mm
    Thickness of sash: 72mm


    Type: LOW-E/Reflective/Tempered/Floated
    Glazed: Single/Double/Triple
    Double: 4mm+9A+4mm
    Color: Clear / Grey / Blue / Light Green, etc.

  • 2008 Series Sliding Window 09
  • Hardware

    1.Chinese Famous Brand (YAJU), German Brand (SI), HOPO, or customerized by clients.
    2. flexibly open and firmly riveted


    EPDM sealing rubber or glass glue

  • 2008 Series Sliding Window 07
  • Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Detail: (The name of the product: )
                                 Inside packing: Thick paper and polyfoam for first protection.
                                 Outside packing: wooden shelf for the second protection. Also can be as your request."     
    Delivery Detail: 15-25days (Depend on your quantity)


    Size, color and glass can be customized by clients.
    1) Competive price     
    2) Good quality     
    3) OEM service     
    4) Customize design by clints

Aluminum colors

Lots of colors are available: white oak、yellow pear、silver-gray、red sandal、champagne、camphor、pearl white、classic oak

white oak
white oak
yellow pear
yellow pear
red sandal
red sandal
pearl white
pearl white
classic oak
classic oak


HOPO、German SI、YAJU Lock、Britain PaiGe, etc.


Glass Options

  • Normal glass:single/double clear glass
  • Low-E Glass: A special coating applied to regular glass which is designed to increase thermal performance and reduce damaging ultra-violet light transmission.
  • Tempered Glass: Heat-treated glass designed to resist breakage.
  • Laminated Glass: Thin film that provides added security against flying object penetration.
  • Double glass: 5mm+21A+5mm
  • Triple glass:
  • Art/Colored Glass: decorative patterns molded into the pane of glass itself.
  • Textured Glass: Numerous patterns of textured glass to chose from
  • Tilt In Sash: Allows easy cleaning of exterior window surfaces from inside (hung windows only.)
  • Manual / Auto blinds both available.
  • Glass Color: clear, frosted, tinted and reflective.

Glass Options

Production process diagram

1) Quickly to meet customer needs, arrange shipment on time

2) Clear division of work content,skilled and experienced

3) Strict product quality inspection procedures before packaging and delivery

4) Enviromental protection,low consumption


EPE(Expand aple poly ephylene) + Bubble bag + Wooden Frame


Aluminum doors and windows maintenance :

1. Soot formation, deformation is the common problem of the aluminum alloy doors and Windows, so need to keep the door frame is clean, especially the push-pull groove .

2. Soft cloth dipped in water or neutral detergent is the right choice for door and window cleaning, do not use soap and washing powder, especially the strong acid-base detergent . such as disin fectant, toilet detergent .

3. Positioning shaft pin, shower hinge, floor spring are the damageable parts of aluminum alloy doors and Windows ,it is necessary to keep them clean and flexible.

4. Glass sealant is the key part to guarantee the doors and Windows heat preservation, replace it in time if it is broken.

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